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Moe Martinez

Moe Martinez Portfolio

The code for this site can be found on it is built using Next.js and Contentful as a CMS, this is then deployed to Vercel.

screenshot of / HERE

I was part of a team creating and maintaining e-commerce solutions for multiple automotive brands that use the here navigation system. These sites were developed on top of the Intershop e-commerce platform using Bootstrap and jQuery.

screenshot of home page.
screenshot of home page.
screenshot of the Mercedes navigation update home page

Apartment People

For this project I designed and developed the online presence for the Apartment People real estate company, this included the migration of the MSSQL database to a MySQL database with a nightly migration. For the front-end I used a combination of Bootstrap and jQuery built on top of a Laravel PHP back-end.

screenshot of top fold from 2010
screenshot of full home page from 2010